Natural traffic sign

100% fossil-free sign from local plant-based materials

What is Natural Traffic Sign?

Natural Traffic Sign consists of residue hemp fibers and a 100% fossil-free, non-toxic binder. It is a 100% plant-based composite of which the raw materials are locally grown, harvested and processed. The traffic sign and support structure are a co-development of the HR Groep Streetcare and Plantics ‘Superior Natural Materials’.  

Natural Traffic Sign symbolizes climate-neutral production and material applications. Production of support structure and panels take place fully automatically based on green energy, and the finishing is in the hands of people with a distance to the labour market. The natural appearance confirms the pure plant-based composition of materials. The object breathes harmony with its surroundings.

After a technical lifespan of at least 20 years, the carrier is compostable following EN13432. Retro-reflective foil can be mechanically separated from the carrier.

Why Natural Traffic Sign?

Natural Traffic Sign is made up of 100% bio-based thermoset resins and is the world’s first of its kind.
Natural Traffic Sign is a high-quality, circular and CO2 negative product that is an excellent alternative to the aluminium signs.
Bio-resins are safe, and most raw materials are available on an industrial scale in Europe. Natural Traffic Sign is light in weight. The carrier and support construction combination carries the CE mark and achieves an MKI score сlose to zero.  

The result is a strong, high-quality, circular, and CO2 negative Traffic Sign with a natural look and feel.

Hans Heijmans

Nu ook duurzame harpoenpalen leverbaar

HR Groep Streetcare biedt nu een nieuwe duurzame lijn aan, UPVC Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. De U in UPVC staat voor Unplasticized, wat "zonder weekmakers" betekent. Naast de duurzame verkeersborden en duurzame dragers zijn er nu ook duurzame harpoenpalen.


Verhoging verkeersveiligheid door retroreflecterende folie van 3M Diamond Grade

Deze ontwikkelingen zien we op de weg en zo draagt de retroreflecterende folie van 3M Diamond Grade bij aan verhoging van de verkeersveiligheid


ISA automatic speed assistant

ISA is an automatic speed assistant that assists drivers in not exceeding the maximum speed. As a result, ISA not only contributes to road safety, but also, for example, to combating noise nuisance and air pollution. ISA works for this with camera recognition that reads the speed signs. With the signs that are now along the Dutch roads, these ISA cameras will not always work properly.

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